2016 August Horoscope Passion and Creativity in Focus


Planetary Events in August are promising to be truly spectacular and dynamic. Our attention is on the Sign of Leo, the 5th Sign of the Zodiac, representing passion, creativity, performing arts, politics and most of all great authority.



Life giving Sun is currently in the Cardinal Water Sign Cancer until the 16th of August when it enters Leo its own Sign. The transit of the Sun in Leo highlights the power of creativity, romance, passion and politics. Venus, Mercury and Rahu are already in this energetic Fire enclosure when the Sun’s transit begins, making the Sign of Leo a focal point of action. At this moment Saturn the Great disciplinary is already in Forward Motion, removing it’s delaying and slowing down effect felt for the last few month through its aspect on the Sign of Leo. After the 16th this dynamic energy of Leo will have a fantastic rejuvenating, optimistic and invigorating effect on all of us, so take advantage of this transit by actively pursuing your dreams and hopes with all your energy. Let creativity and romance be your goal during this time.


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The New Moon will occur on the early morning of the 3rd of August in Cancer in the Nakshatra Aslesha. The Moon is superbly placed in its own Sign, and the rulership of the Nakshatra by Mercury, the Planet of Communication adds a particular twist to this New Moon. Aslesha is represented by the Snake, a dangerous Lunar Mansion, however it is a very auspicious moment for working with the serpent power of Kundalini. Those pursuing an active spiritual path should definitely not miss the unique opportunities offered by this New Moon!

The Full Moon will shower us with the blessings of the Sacred Feminine from Dhanistha Nakshatra in Aquarius. Sharing the Fixed Air Sign Aquarius with Ketu the Shadow Planet of Enlightenment, this Full Moon will be a very energetic one. Universalist thinking, innovation, science and a chance of transformation are the values the Moon is going to highlight during the Full Moon.



Speedy Mercury is Leo at the beginning of August. Mercury will keep playing catch up with Venus, ultimately reaching its greatest possible distance from the Sun on the 30th of August when it will begin its Retrograde Cycle following its orbit around the Sun. Mercury brings an upbeat energy to Leo, but its true potential will shine even more on the 19th when it transits its own Sign, Virgo. As Mercury enters the Mutable Earth Sigh Virgo, we will have very powerful healing energies available to us, as Mercury in Virgo, as well as Ketu in the Nakshatra Satabisha in Aquarius are some of the most powerful planetary positions for healing. Make sure you use these planetary influences for restoring health and well being.



Venus the Planet of Beauty and Love is shining its brilliant light if creativity in Leo, making this transit particularly auspicious for the entertainment industry, and of course for love and romance. Marriage, engagement, and the whole romantic arena is infused by Venus’s energies of pleasure and creativity. The planetary gems of Venus will go a long way to enhance these fantastic energies, so as long its not contra indicated by the Birth Chart, wear Diamonds, White Sapphire and White Topaz. On the 25th of August Venus will transit Virgo, the Sign of its Debilitation, so after this fabulous time while Venus is in Leo, we will have a bit of a dry spell in romance and love.


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Jupiter transits the Mutable Earth Sign Virgo, ruled by its Planetary Friend Mercury on the 11th of August. This is a Much awaited event, as powerful Jupiter leaving behind a Fixed enclosure and also the potentially dangerous conjunction with Rahu, is bound to bring some serious changes. Jupiter the Planet of Wisdom and Luck loves to be in Mutable Signs. Its positive and expanding energies manifest a lot easier in a Mutable environment, so after this time of feeling a bit stuck we will experience a lot of optimism and movement. With the transit into Virgo Jupiter also escapes the tight aspect of its Planetary Enemy Saturn, adding more to the feelings of movement and change we can expect.


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Saturn and Mars the two Soldier Planets are in Scorpio getting ready for their great encounter in Anuradha Nakshatra on the 23rd of August. Anuradha is ruled by Saturn and Scorpio the Fixed Water Sign of secrets and mysteries is ruled by Mars. The Planetary War (Graha Yuga) will take place on a very evenly balanced battlefield. As Anuradha is the Lunar Mansion of friendship, we don’t need to fear this planetary encounter, however we should be consciously aware of both the differences (explosive v. slow) and the similarities (action, tenacity, strength,doing the right thing) between the natural energies of these two powerful planets, Saturn and Mars in order to benefit from their conjunction.


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Rahu moves to the Nakshatra Purva Phalguni on the 5th of August, bringing incredible opportunities for people in show business and politics. As Rahu is a Malefic Planet, even when it bestows upon us great riches and luck we always need to be careful that we don’t open our hearts and minds to greed and unbridled ambition, because that could easily lead to catastrophic consequences. Use these opportunities, but make sure not to lose sight of ethical and moral guidelines in your pursuit of fame and fortune.


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Ketu in Satabisha is the ultimate healer. Scientists, researchers and people working in the medical field in any capacity will be able to access fresh ideas and innovative ways of seeing things potentially opening up avenues to great discoveries and break through.

Here is a short video on how to read different types of Astrological Charts.

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