Venus in Cancer 2016 July Vulnerability and Emotions

On the 7th of July Venus the Planet of Beauty and Love enters the Cardinal Water Sign Cancer. Cancer is the only Zodiac Sign ruled by the Moon (with the exception of Sun and Moon all other planets rules 2 signs, therefore influencing 2 distinct areas of our life).

venus in cancer

Venus and the Moon are not in Planetary Friendship, and the placement of Venus in this watery enclosure can bring a lot of emotional turmoil. Whether in love and romance, or just in our relationships with friends, family and coworkers, fragility and insecurity can cause some temporary discomfort.

the empress
The Empress, represents the planet Venus in the Traditional Tarot Deck

On the other hand, the Sign of Cancer is a sign promoting intuition and creativity, so the transit of Venus here will greatly benefit people working in creative fields, especially in fine arts and writing. Being in tune with our own feelings and emotions will make us more vulnerable, but there is a lot to be gained by becoming aware of our own, often hidden and neglected, feelings. It can be a painful process to face the true depth of our love for someone, because it tends to make us feel weak and vulnerable, however, it really shouldn’t be so.

shukra dev
Shukra Dev the representation of the Planet Venus in Traditional Vedic Culture

Cancer is not receiving any aspects from the other planets during Venus’s transit from the 7th till the 31st of July, but both Speedy Mercury and the Life Giving Sun will Join Venus in a few days. Venus is getting farther away ahead of the Sun, emerging from the Combustion state, which makes Venus’s energies stronger and more powerful. Venus will soon appear as the Evening Star, an auspicious event and also a beautiful sight we can enjoy right after sunset.

venus evening star
Venus visible in the sky after Sunset

The focus will be on the 4th House values of home, happiness, emotions during this transit, and with Mercury and Sun joining in this focus will become even stronger. The exact effect on Venus’s transit will of course depend on the individual’s Birth Chart, but generally we should try to come to terms with our own emotions and feelings. These emotions are there anyway, so not acknowledging them, or refusing to fully experience them can become an obstacle on our path to happiness, success and harmony.

White Sapphire
Rough White Sapphire, the Secondary Gemstone of Venus

Wear the Planetary Gems of Venus, Diamond, White Topaz, White Sapphire to enhance your creativity and intuition, and remember, this is not the time for love and romance, it is the time to think and reflect about love and romance. Turn inwards to see your true feelings and use this somewhat difficult transit to become comfortable with your emotions.

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