Sun in Gemini, Creativity, Communication and Wealth

Tomorrow the Sun transits into the Mutable Air Sign Gemini. Right now there is a powerful sign exchange between Venus and Mercury. (Parivartana) The interplay between Taurus, ruled by Venus, and Gemini, ruled by Mercury, is the backdrop for the Sun’s transit.


Wherever Life Giving Sun goes, it illuminates that Celestial Enclosure. From the Fixed Earth Sign Taurus, Sun brings its energies into Gemini, the Sign of Communication and Efforts. This is an intellectual sign, the Sun here encourages quick thinking and problem solving, short distant travels and writing. The two signs of Taurus and Gemini are working together at this time, and Mercury and Venus both being Natural Benefics, the Sun receives this positive combined energy during its transit.

gemini constellation
The Constellation Gemini

Sun is joining Venus the Planet of Beauty and Love in Gemini, giving us opportunities in the creative fields and communication. We can expect new ideas and brilliant solutions sort of “out of the clear blue sky”. This is a wonderful time for finances. After the stock taking while the Sun was in Taurus, now with the movement into Gemini, a Mutable Sign promoting change, we will start seeing the change materialize. It is time for acting upon our intuition in the professional and the personal spheres of life as well. Romance, love and all interpersonal communication will receive this auspicious energy, so it is the perfect time for parties, spending time with friends and romantic dates.

venus and mercury
Venus and Mercury

As the Sun is moving out of the reach of its archenemy Saturn (currently Retrograde in the Fixed Water Sign Scorpio) the feeling of new energy, finding new answers, new ideas is even stronger. No matter how auspicious this alignment is, keep in mind that Venus is still Combust and almost as soon as Venus moves out of combustion, it will be Speedy Mercury’s turn to be too close to the Sun.

Ruby the Primary Gemstone of the Sun

This means that during the Sun’s transit in Gemini, we need to make sure that we work on a good, solid foundation before we act upon our intuition. If the Sun is well placed in the Birth Chart, wearing Rubies (or other Planetary Gems of the Sun) can give a boost and a way to enhance this energy.

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