Full Moon in Scorpio Death, Rebirth and Mysteries

On the 22nd of May the Moon will reach its maximum power and brilliance at 7 degrees Scorpio. Although the Full Moon is always considered auspicious, its actual power and energy depends on the Zodiac Sign where the Full Moon occurs. The Fixed Water Sign Scorpio, ruled by Mars the Warrior Planet is the original 8th House.

moon in scorpio


This is the Celestial Enclosure of secrets, mysteries, the occult. This Sign also represents death, rebirth, sudden events and most importantly transformation. Scorpio is the Moon’s Debilitation sign. The Moon is badly placed here, because when the Moon transits Scorpio, the mind is forced to deal with the dark, scary part of the universe and our own subconscious. It is very important to consciously embrace these energies and bravely look into the deepest mysteries, otherwise these 2 and half days (the duration of the Moon’s transit in each sign) can be mentally disturbing and emotionally draining.

Moonstone the Secondary Precious Stone of the Moon

On the bright side, the Sun is giving a very tight aspect to Mars, strengthening our focus and resolve, also at 7 degrees Scorpio. At the moment of the Full Moon Mars and the Moon will be at the same degrees, exchanging aspects with Venus and the Sun currently in the Fixed Earth sign Taurus. As both Taurus and Scorpio are feminine signs (earth and water) what we need during this time is trusting our intuition and our instincts.

fixed signs
The Fixed Signs of the Zodiac

The fixed nature of this planetary alignment underscores the inward looking and intense power of this Full Moon. Mars, the ruler of Scorpio is Retrograde, making its strength also more intense and more focused, because Retrograde Mars turns its usual forward directional strength inward. This is a wonderful and unique opportunity to face our secrets bravely, trusting our instincts to help us through the dark, frightening waters of secretive Scorpio.

red coral
Red Coral the Planetary Gemstone of Mars

Pearls and Moonstones, the Planetary Gems of the Moon can channel and enhance the power of the Full Moon. For those of us who are ready for a major transformation, wearing the gemstones of Mars (The ruler of Scorpio, and also in a very close conjunction with the Full Moon) can bring strength and courage. (Make sure that your Birth Chart doesn’t advise against wearing these gemstones.)

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