Venus in Taurus Finance, Romance and Healing

Venus the Planet of Love and Beauty enters the Fixed Earth Sign Taurus on the 19th of April. Taurus, the sign of wealth, practical luxury, finance and banking is ruled by Venus, so we will receive very nice and harmonious energies during this transit. Unfortunately Venus is in Combustion due to its closeness to the Sun, so these benefic energies are coming to us in a muted “out-shined” fashion. Perfect Combustion will occur on the 4th of June at 19 degrees Taurus.

venus in taurus

Taurus is the Earth Sign of Venus, practical, “earthy”, dealing with the material world, such as finance, wealth, beautification. Venus in Taurus is also a very powerful healer. Even though the Combustion mutes Venus’s power, this is still an extremely good time for healing, regaining and strengthening health. Medical procedures, physical therapy will receive a boost.


For those of us who are in good health, the transit of Venus in Taurus is a good time for taking a short cure of herbal supplements. As even the best supplements are damaging if taken continuously, the best is to use them for short periods of time, and Venus in Taurus gives strong supporting energies, enhancing the effect of all health promoting activities during this time.

Ficus Glomerata
Ficus Glomerata, the Sacred Tree of Venus

Other than health and general well-being, Venus brings our focus to personal finances and wealth. Medical professions, fashion, cosmetic industries, finance and entertainment will greatly benefit from both the Sun and Venus placed in Taurus. However, the presence of the Sun in Combustion will not promote the artistic creativity we can usually expect from Venus, so this time is not ideal for intellectual, poetic and philosophical endeavors.

shukra dev
Shukra Dev the representation of the Planet Venus in Traditional Vedic Culture

Keep in mind the practical earthy nature of Taurus, and enjoy the comfort, the luxury and the practical side of love and romance. Excellent time for social gatherings and parties, and also for appreciating art and beauty. Home renovation, redecoration, gardening (fabulous time for doing some rearrangement in the yard, planting, trimming, getting new plants, etc). Also great time to buy new clothes and jewelry. (Activities that should not be the focus of our attention all the time!)

zodiac taurus and libra
Taurus and Libra are the Signs ruled by Venus

Wedding planning, engagements, dealing with the logistic side of love and romance will receive the right amount of benefic energies, but be mindful of the perfect Combustion on the 4th of June, and avoid the time when Venus’s energies are completely blocked out.

Sun and Venus exchanges aspects with Mars and Saturn (both Retrograde) in Scorpio, further enhancing the power of looking inward and taking care of our self, our surroundings and our material possessions. The aspect from Retrograde planets and the Fixed nature of both Taurus and Scorpio don’t support direct actions, so best is not to forge ahead with aggressive plans during this transit.

Diamonds are the Primary Gemstones of Venus

Even though we can expect wonderful things while Venus is in Taurus, remember that during the Combustion period the Horas of Venus will not give their usual strength. Pay close attention to the areas represented by Taurus and Libra (The two Signs ruled by Venus) in the Birth Chart (which houses/bhavas these signs occupy) and make sure those areas especially receive the practical care and consideration  mentioned above. Other than the time of the closest Conjunction, feel free to wear the Planetary Gems of Venus (Diamond, White Sapphire, White Topaz) to enhance the healing power of the Planet of Beauty and Love.

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