Sun in Taurus Finance and Wealth

Tomorrow the Mighty Sun will transit into the Fixed Earth Sign Taurus, ruled by Venus the Planet of Beauty and Love. The Celestial Enclave of money, comfort, luxury and security, Taurus is not the best place for the Sun, because Venus and the Sun are “planetary enemies”. As the Sun will be 7 Houses away from the Fixed Water Sign Scorpio, this transit will be under the aspect of Saturn the Great Disciplinary and Mars the Warrior Planet, currently both Retrograde in Scorpio.

sun in taurus

Fixed modality will be the keyword for most of this transit, since in a short while all the planets with the exception of the fast moving Moon will be in Fixed Signs. Jupiter and Rahu conjunct in the Fixed Fire Sign Leo, Saturn and Mars in Fixed Water Sign Scorpio, Ketu is in the Fixed Air Sign Aquarius, and Mercury and Venus will be joining the Sun in Taurus later in the month.

Fixed signs of the zodiac
The Fixed Signs of the Zodiac

Although many planets in Fixed Signs can sometimes cause frustration and a feeling of stagnation, this transit of the Sun in Taurus can be an excellent time for strengthening personal finances and the beautification of the self and the living space. Mercury, Mars and Saturn still Retrograde reinforces this lack of direct motion, so there is not much use pushing and trying to force things to happen and “get started”.

white sapphire
White Sapphire the Secondary Gemstone of Venus

In a couple of days Venus will join the Sun in Taurus, its own sign. While we cannot expect much in the way of forceful action, Venus in its own Sign will add a wonderful energy of comfort and practical luxury. The best plan is to give in to the fixed, inward looking nature of the current planetary alignment, and enjoy this time, making use of these energies focusing our mind on matters of finance and the enjoyment of our material possessions and good health. Very good time for family gatherings, parties, engagements, weddings,visiting museums and attending performances.

star ruby
Ruby the Primary Gemstone of the Sun

Even though things are bound to be somewhat slow in the professional arena, people working in entertainment, fashion and cosmetic industries and the medical fields will have wonderfully supportive energies during this transit. As the Sun illuminates the Sign it is transiting even when it is not particularly well placed, this is a very good time to take care of matters relating to Taurus. Accounting, stock taking, and working on financial plans will prove very beneficial on a long run, even though it won’t increase our income and profit right away.

Enjoy this transit, focus on the practical side of life and make sure you appreciate the material things you have. Wearing the Planetary Gems of the Sun, Ruby, Rhodolite Garnet, Red Tourmaline, etc is only recommended if the Sun is very well placed in the individual’s Birth Chart. Diamond, White Sapphire and White Topaz, the gemstones of Venus will channel the wonderful energies of Venus, bringing beauty, peace and the appreciation of our material wealth.

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