New Moon in Aries Time for Direct Action

The New Moon will occur in the Cardinal Fire Sign Aries on the 7th of April. This time we have 6 planets in the Signs of Mars the Warrior Planet. Saturn and Mars in the Fixed Water Sign Scorpio and the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in Aries. As the dispositor, Mars is well placed in its own sign, we don’t need to fear aggression and violence. Mars is also Retrograde at the moment, the focus and initiative energy associated with the Warrior Planet is not as strong and pronounced as usual.

crescent moon


Regardless of Mars’s current weakened energy, its significance and power over our will and determination remains intact. The New Moon always signifies a new beginning, a growing phase in the endless cycles of the Universe. Keeping in mind the overall influence of Mars, this New Moon brings us opportunities related to our will power. Because the Moon is the ruler of the mind and emotions, the question is: What is it that we really want?

Mars the Warrior Planet
Mars the Warrior Planet

Because Mars is in Retrograde Motion, we need to reflect and reevaluate our desires and plans during this New Moon. Venus and Mercury are in close conjunction with the Moon, and both of these planets are currently Combust. The energies of Mercury and Venus are blocked and out shined by The Mighty Sun, so as the Moon, representing our mind, overtakes the Sun and transits over Mercury and Venus, it will not be able to access the information and the power of these planets.

Moonstone, the Secondary Gemstone of the Moon

Even though the New Moon occurs in the Nakshatra Bharani, which is ruled by Venus, the only real and practical influence is that of Mars. Aries, the 1st Sign of the Zodiac is a fiercely independent, competitive and individualistic celestial enclosure, so the focus is on our own personal, individual will. What is really important? What do we want? What are our plans? Because Mars is a planet of action, this is not the time for philosophical soul searching and the quest for the “meaning of life”. The Moon in Aries is interested in understanding our concrete, practical plans, intentions and projects.

Lunar Cycle
Lunar Cycle

Let this New Moon be a moment of mental clarity and focus on goals and desires, so the nurturing waxing lunar phase can bring about the initiation of these projects. Wearing Pearls and Moonstones, the Planetary Gemstones of the Moon, will channel the power of the Moon to bring about the manifestation of our deepest desires. (Make sure that your Birth Chart doesn’t counter indicate these gems!)

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