Mercury Retrograde Chaos in the Making

Tonight Speedy Mercury, the Planet of Communication and Commerce will start its Retrograde Cycle at 29 degrees Aries. Mercury often turns retrograde because it is the planet closest to the Sun, so we are quiet familiar with the potential inconvenience caused by Retrograde Mercury. Misunderstandings, electronic mishaps, reduced cash flow, delays in communication and legal proceedings and a slightly dulled intellect.

mercury in aries

As always, to get a clearer and more precise picture in Astrology, we have to take in account where is a planet situated when it is moving retrograde. Mercury in it’s own Sign Gemini and Virgo going Retrograde would cause far less serious effects, because planets always “behave” better when they are well placed. As Mercury is currently in the Cardinal Fire Sign Aries, ruled by Mars, the retrogration extends the duration of the planet’s transit in a Sign where Mercury is very uncomfortable.

Retrograde Motion of Mercury
Retrograde Motion of Mercury

The aggressive, linear and very hot environment of Aries makes Mercury over heated and irritated, even during its forward motion. So right now in addition to the customary effects of the retrograde cycle, we also have to be ready for an extra time when all activities related to Mercury will receive this hot tempered and irritated energy. This is definitely a very bad time for anything that needs Mercury’s quick thinking logical precision.

budh dev
Budh Dev the Representation of the Planet Mercury in Vedic Culture

Legal matters, academic exams, contract signings, and any important negotiations better wait. This time there is a very strong emphasis on legal and contractual matters and litigation, because Retrograde Mercury is aspecting the Cardinal Air Sign Libra, significator of contracts and agreements. In personal communication, hot headed arguments can ruin perfectly good relationships in private and in the work place as well.

signs and their rulers
Astrological Signs with their Planetary Rulers

As very uncomfortable Mercury rules the Signs of Gemini and Virgo, during this Retrograde Cycle we need to pay attention to the areas of life these two signs represent in the individual’s Birth Chart. On the 22th of May Mercury will resume its forward motion at 20 degrees Aries, and on the 8th of June transits into the friendlier and more congenial celestial enclave of the Fixed Earth Sign Taurus. To make it even trickier, on the 4th of May Mercury in its quest to catch up with the Sun will enter a combustion state, that will last until the 16th of May. Perfect combustion will occur on the 10th of May at 25 degrees Aries, Mercury at the same exact degree as the Sun, totally blocked out.

solar system

All this will be happening while Mercury is in Aries, so this particular retrogration is unfortunately promising us considerably harder times to come than other Retrograde Cycles of Mercury. Not advisable to wear the Planetary Gemstones of Mercury during this period. (Emerald, Tsavorite Garnet, Demantoid Garnet, Peridot) There will be no benefit channeling disturbed, uneasy and troublesome energies into our lives. Similarly, the Horas of Mercury will fail to deliver the supporting energy this time, so it is best to avoid them.

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